Motor Vehicle Accident

Have you been injured in an accident?

   After a motor vehicle accident it is important to be examined by a health care professional.  Symptoms can often be delayed for several days.  Our doctors of chiropractic can evaluate your condition and diagnose your problems.  Once your injuries have been identified, you can begin a structured active rehabilitation program that is focused on reducing pain, restoring your range of motion and promoting a return to activities of daily living.  Our friendly staff and health care professionals provide personalized care in a state of the art facility.  Lakeridge Chiropractic offers access to chiropractic, massage therapy, therapeutic exercise, physiologic modalities, spinal decompression, counselling, and communication with your medical doctor.


  What should you expect if you have been injured?  Under Ontario law, every automobile insurance policy covers statutory accident benefits (SABS).  These benefits are standard among insurance companies and provide no-fault compensation for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians involved in automobile accidents.
  If you or your family are injured in an automobile accident, we can help you access coverage that will pay for your health care costs, replace your lost income, provide housekeeping, provide caregiver expenses and certain other expenses.  At Lakeridge Chiropractic, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you access your benefits and explain your options.

We will prepare and help you fill out the paperwork!

  Our staff will handle the paper work, and correspond directly with your insurance company so that you can focus on recovering. We will also send a progress report to your medical doctor. If you have been to the hospital or family doctor first, you are still eligible for care. You do not need to be referred to our clinic by a medical doctor or specialist.