Custom Orthotics

  Your feet are a mechanical marvel.  Each day they absorb hundreds of pounds of pressure and shock.  Combining movement, shock absorption, postural stability, and durability, the foot carries as much as three times your body’s weight with each step.
  Although feet can accommodate many surfaces, there are some that are preferred.  Your feet are designed to operate on soft uneven terrain, such as grass and dirt.  The shock caused by the impact of your foot against the surface you walk on is a key factor in understanding the importance of proper foot wear.  When you walk on hard flat surfaces such as concrete, shock waves travel from your feet to your knees/hips and lower back.  Compounding this problem are imbalances in the foot itself.  Foot imbalances can contribute to sore feet, bunions, neuromas, corns, calluses, as well as arthritic knee/hip and back pain.  The next time you’re at the mall take a look at the feet wearing flip flops, you’ll see pronation (people walking on the inside of their feet) or supination (people walking on the outside of their feet).  Excessive foot imbalance can create distortion that continues up the leg into the knee, hips, and low back. 

What are custom made orthotics?

  Custom Made Orthotics are specially designed corrective supports for your feet.  They are cast directly from each foot and manufactured by laboratory technicians.  Specifications outlined by your chiropractor are added to the design to address key structural problems.


  • Custom moulded to each individual foot
  • Gait analyisis and biomechanical evaluation
  • Durable lasting arch support
  • Increased shock absorption takes stress off the knees and lower back  

Will my insurance cover custom orthotics?

  Several insurance plans cover Custom Made Orthotics and Compression Socks.  Call your insurance provider and find out how much coverage you have.  Some providers will also require a prescription note from a medical doctor or chiropractor.  It is important to find out this information before you send in your claim.