Dr. Wysotski’s Top 10 Weight loss tips

1.  Eat when you are hungry:  Don’t wait until you are starving (this only encourages you to eat more than you should).  Eat until you are no longer hungry, but no more.

Don’t eat when you are not hungry:  Snacking in front of the television often becomes a routine or habit (you’re eating for pleasure rather than hunger).  Try eating your food at the table, and avoid linking your food with leisure activities, especially in the evening.  Don’t have seconds if you are not genuinely hungry. 

Eat Breakfast:  Avoid bagels, cookies, muffins, etc. and start your day with a proper meal.

 2.  Drink water:  Avoid juices, Pop, Beer, Diet drinks, flavoured water, milk, etc.  The sugar, calories, and chemicals in these beverages will have a negative impact on weight loss and blood sugar.  If you like juice, consider eating a whole piece of fruit.


3.  Decrease your starch intake:  Your breads, pastas, dry cereal, and potatoes/rice should not make up more than 1/4 of your meal.  Replace these with vegetables and whole grains (multigrain does not mean wholegrain).


4.  Cut out the desert:  Cookies, cakes, muffins, pastries, and pies are just unwanted sugar and calories when eaten on a regular basis.  Instead, select one day every three weeks and have your favourite desert (not the low calorie version).  This way you don’t deprive yourself and you don’t feel guilty.


5.  15 minutes of exercise:  Choose a couple of exercises that you like, and do them for 15 minutes each day.  Keep it simple.


6.  Eat real food:  Nature knows best.  Buy fresh whenever possible.  If your food comes in a box and has an ingredient list full of items you can’t identify, it’s probably not healthy. 

Eat more Vegetables:  Everyone knows this one!


7.  Learn to Cook:  If you make nutritious food more interesting you will be less likely to eat unhealthy.  Make an effort to learn one new recipe each week (simple is best).


8.  Get your rest:  Those who have fragmented and decreased sleeping hours are more likely to gain weight.


9.  Nutrients:  Take a quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement to ensure that you are getting your daily requirement.


10.  Bowel Problems:  Talk to a professional and get your plumbing in order.  Infrequent bowel movements, diarrhea, gas, bloating, and constipation are all signs of a malfunctioning digestive system.   


Make a commitment and set a goal

 Weight loss is a serious project.  Make a promise to yourself, and stick to it.  When you begin to change your eating habits, it is important that you set reasonable goals.  Before you begin each day, think about how you can improve upon the previous.  You need to spend considerable time thinking about your eating habits in order to change them and strengthen your resolve.  Remember, before you eat, you need to think.


Last modified on 22 January 2014
18 January 2014
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