Dr. Peter Wysotski

  Dr. Peter Wysotski was born and raised in Oshawa, and has provided chiropractic care to Durham region since 1970.  He is married to Jan and has two sons, Adam and Michael.  Jan is office manager, and also practices hypnosis for stress, anxiety and pain relief at the clinic.  Dr. Adam is an associate chiropractor and clinic director.  Michael is studying to become a chiropractor and will soon join the clinic.  Also, Dr. Adam's wife Shannon is a denturist practicing at the clinic.

  Dr. Wysotski built and developed the Family Wellness Clinic in Whitby, which was one of the first chiropractic multidisciplinary clinics in the region.  It offered the integration of chiropractic with medical, naturopathy, podiatric, psychological, massage, and accident rehab practitioners under one roof.

  He later established Lakeridge Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic in Oshawa, based on the same model.  In October 2010 he built the Lakeridge Chiropractic Clinic with his son Dr. Adam Wysotski.  The location offers a state of the art facility.

  In addition to traditional manual chiropractic adjusting, Dr. Wysotski is certified in Impulse Adjusting which utilizes a computerized neuromechanical instrument; many patients prefer this less physical approach.